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Proprietary Methods Lead to Breakthrough Innovation

We did not change the rules—only used them to our advantage to disrupt a technology that was well past its prime.

While the rest of the flavor industry zigged, we zagged and we have the patents to show for it. We’re proud of our intellectual property and the benefits that have come along as a result. Our quest for better has led to significantly lower use rates, maximum delivery of flavor actives, far less oxidation, more dense flavor particles, and improved retention of top notes.

On paper, this translates to a portfolio boasting 23 patents, encompassing both U.S. and international filings, all dedicated to our groundbreaking innovations. In practical terms, this investment yields tangible results in the form of heightened consumer flavor and aroma experiences. This is the caliber of products we bring to fruition.

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ZoomEssence Patents


  • USA (12), Europe (2), China (2), Canada (3), Australia (1), Russia (1), and Japan (2)


  • USA (2), Canada (1), Australia (1), Japan (1), Brazil (2), Mexico (1), and Vietnam (1)
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Technology with global impact.

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ZoomEssence has given our customers options they have never had before in flavor delivery science.

—Jim Vale, Senior VP, Research and Development

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