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Founded on the Physics of Flavor Delivery

ZoomEssence creates custom flavors bursting with aroma and taste for leading food and beverage brands.

Our company was born in 2008 with the understanding that flavors have been created and delivered the same way for a long time. To be different, we had to invent. So we did. Our game-changing, patented flavor delivery technology, called Zooming®, creates a measurably different taste experience. But technology alone cannot do it. It is our team of passionate chefs, flavor creators, beverage scientists, and food developers who breathe the life into our scientific breakthrough everyday by collaborating seamlessly with our customers to create unique, iconic sensory experiences.

“We are a team of innovators who like to question assumptions and stretch what is possible.”

—Dr. Charles Beetz, Chief Science Officer

Our Leadership

We are flavor designers, food scientists, physicists, curious cooks, searching sippers, makers, entrepreneurs, engineers, foodies and tasters all working together to change the future of food and fragrance.

Headshot photo of a man in a bright blue dress shirt smiling

Steve Hardek

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of a man smiling and wearing a grey sweater over a brown dress shirt

Dr. Charles P. Beetz

Chief Science Officer

Photo of a man smiling and wearing a light blue shirt

Bruce Leskanic

CFO & Chief Business Officer

Headshot photo of a man in a navy blue polo shirt

Jim Vale

Senior VP, Research and Development

Headshot photo of a man in a blue dress shirt and a black blazer

Joseph Santaiti

Senior VP, Sales and Marketing

Sue Kidwell

VP, Flavor Creation and Product Development

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Beth Kinser

VP, Product Assurance

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