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Fragrance Solutions

Uplifting Fragrance Delivery

Our unique process delivers a wider palette of aroma.

Our technology paves the way for innovative product development, minimizing tradeoffs in fragrance formulation and delivery. Through our demonstrated success in delivering top-tier aromatic compound actives, we enhance products with extraordinary sensory experiences.

Allow ZoomEssence to broaden your product pipeline, introducing new products and a diverse array of fragrance profiles aligned with consumer trends such as Nature, Humanity, Health and Wellness, Creativity, and Luxury. We can help brands create exceptional consumer experiences in beauty care, body care, air care, fabric care, and more.

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We can help brands create exceptional consumer experiences in beauty care, body care, air care, fabric care, and more.

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Put fragrance into the product—not into the atmosphere.

We Unlocked the Physics of Fragrance Delivery

It comes down to this:

At its core, our approach involves applying advanced physics principles at high speeds to eliminate detrimental heat and solvents from the fragrance production process. By minimizing or eliminating diluents, we enhance the delivery of actives, preserving the genuine aroma you initially envisioned for your product.

Revolutionary Process, Fostering Innovation

Through our distinctive process, intensely aromatic oils and volatiles seamlessly integrate into a concentrated, water-soluble powdered formula, resulting in a more vivid, aromatic, and authentic fragrance experience. Some of the benefits include.

  • Better sensorial experience
  • Better fragrance delivery; due to higher loading
  • Continuous and delayed release of actives
  • Release of actives at desired place and time
  • Eliminates raw material incompatibilities creating a more stable product

On Track with Top Fragrance Trends

We are working on fragrance profiles that artfully deliver on many of the top trending characters.

These fragrances can be combined to create unique experiences, used individually in consumer products, and used to add performance and power.


Contemporary florals are fresh, clean and natural with delicate touches of nature. A trending fragrance for women and men alike, consumers never lose touch with flowers.


Citrus characters are bright and energizing and signal a freshness that perfectly fits the Health and Wellness macro trend that continues to boom in the market. And only ZoomEssence delivers its citrus fragrances through our patented technology.

Other Fruits

The fruit family is a growing consumer trend particularly in beauty. The leading modern fruit fragrances in the market include strawberry, cherry, cassis, the apple family, tropical fruits and even coconut. Our fruit formulations are simple, real and authentic—just the way you like.


Fragrances in the Gourmand family give consumers that welcome reassurance of safety, familiarity and comfort. Our Warm Vanilla gives the consumer a luxurious experience and it won’t turn the product brown. Also, touches of sandalwood are a leading trend.   


Aquatic fragrances are growing in popularity and marine notes are sunny and remind consumers of escapes to the beach. Recently, aquatic notes are evolving to mineral notes texturized with salicylates, coconut, and amber.

Herbal Infusion

Consumers have high anxiety and stress and want an herbal fragrance like lavender to help calm them and release stress. The herbal infusion trend delivers a return to nature and simplicity.

Body Wash and Liquid Surfactant Bases

  • Higher dosing
  • Addition of salt not necessary for viscosity adjustment
  • Stabilizes the base – no phase separation or breakdown in viscosity
  • Has the potential to eliminate the need to add thickener(s) in base formula
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Anti-Perspirant – Deodorant

  • Moisture activated
  • Provides continuous delivery of fragrance
  • Helps to maintain color integrity of the product
  • Protection from cross-reaction, oxidation, and degradation

Shower Bombs

  • Moisture activated – crating an instant fragrance burst
  • Effective delivery of actives for a better sensorial experience
  • Essential oils for aromatherapy
  • Eliminates cross reactions with dyes maintain color integrity
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Body Lotion

  • Stabilizes viscosity
  • Better deposition
  • Greater fragrance retention
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Powerful Boosters

Fragrance boosters can be used to provide a performance boost to any fragrance. But there can be a tradeoff with unwanted color and stability problems. Thankfully, ZoomEssence boosters are stable and cause no color problems, while delivering bloom and providing a clean skin smell.

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