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Published: March 20, 2024

ZoomEssence proudly announces the receipt of our 23rd patent, marking a significant milestone for our revolutionary Zooming® low-temperature encapsulation & drying technology. Born in flavors and expanding into fragrances, our team of scientists, physicists, and innovators approach challenges with a mindset of ‘why not?’ rather than ‘why’. Molecule by molecule, we’ve scientifically validated the ability to deliver more aroma & taste in beverages. Our beverage scientists continue to wow our customers with truly authentic flavors at a fraction of the use rate while our chefs mesmerize food companies with profiles that survive baking and frying. Our customers and consumers taste the difference every day. Want proof, just ask for a taste. As we expand the impact of our technology to fragrances, where effective aroma delivery is paramount, we are driven by the ethos of delivering unparalleled consumer delight. Backed by science and built on a foundation of innovation, our team is more energized than ever to collaborate with forward-thinking partners that relentlessly pursue delivering fantastic consumer experiences.