ZoomEssence® Delivers Enhanced Aroma Authentic Flavor

ZoomEssence crafts custom flavors and encapsulated ingredients delivering a symphony of aromas and tastes tailored to elevate your food and beverage creations. Explore a palette of sensations, from the sweet and indulgent to the citrus and fruity and savor the richness and purity of our single-sourced encapsulated essential oils. Immerse yourself in a world of heightened sensory delight, made possible by our groundbreaking 23X patented flavor delivery innovation – the extraordinary Zooming® technology, ensuring each experience is nothing short of exceptional.
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Elevate Consumer Experiences

Flavor Solutions

A better way to better flavor.

Our flavors provide an unprecedented tool to craft unique and sensational sensory experiences. Whether in powder products, Ready To Drink (RTD) beverages or food applications, our premium flavors, deliver rich, authentic taste experiences without increasing cost.

Beverage Flavor Food Flavor Other
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Encapsulated Ingredients

Concentrated, durable and aromatic.

A diverse array ranging from citrus to herbs, spices, and botanicals—perfectly suited for all your culinary and beverage creations. Unleash limitless possibilities with a full spectrum of authentic and flavorful ingredients.

Citrus Herbs + Spices Botanicals Miscellaneous
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Challenge What’s

Put Us to the Test

We optimize flavor delivery so you achieve next level aroma and taste performance.

Technology that measurably improves the sensory experience is what makes us different. Whether your application is liquid or powder, Zooming® flavors are built for maximum efficiency and performance delivering aroma and taste experiences never before possible.

Contact Us to Partner
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Develop Exciting New Taste Experiences.

We co-create with our customers, utilizing our passionate, experienced flavor creation & application science team to customize the ideal flavor solution for you.

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Zooming Technology

The Physics of Flavor Delivery

This is not the fried, dried, oxidized, at-least-you-tried flavor of yesterday.

This is the promise of tomorrow. For 15+ years, we have applied our flavor delivery technology to elevate consumer experiences and support brands and product developers.

  • It enables best-in-class authentic aroma and taste delivery to the consumer
  • It is cost-effective
  • It is sustainable
  • It delivers
How Our Technology Works
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We are an Experienced Team of Collaborators

We are the flavor supplier that delivers game-changing solutions for customers.

From day one, we have shown that our breakthrough technology can deliver. Our team and our customers are willing to ask the “why” question and challenge the status quo. 

Zooming technology empowers our team to create iconic, next generation flavors enabling our partners to deliver authentic, signature taste experiences never before possible. At the first tasting, all we heard was WOW!”

—Sue Kidwell, VP, Flavor Creation and Product Development

A Better Way To Better Flavor