The difference is in the technology

Utilizing our patented DriZoom™ technology, ZoomEssence is able to deliver technology that you can taste. Whether you’re looking for an instant cup of coffee that tastes like its fresh brewed counterpart or a beverage that tastes like a freshly picked orange, we can deliver customizable ingredient solutions to fit your application needs. Our DriZoom™ technology is able to produce something a typical sprayer just can’t-liquid quality ingredients in powder form. By utilizing ambient temperature drying techniques, we are able to produce a sensory experience that is unrivaled in the industry today. ZoomEssence delivers what consumers demand:
A truer and purer taste experience. As it should taste.

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Essence of Zoom

ZoomEssence® delivers liquid quality flavors and ingredients in a powder form… As it should tasteSM . In today’s environment, ZoomEssence® delivers what consumers demand….a truer and purer taste experience.

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Our Technology

At its core, ZoomEssence is a technology company. We didn’t create the demand for powder ingredients,
we just created the way to
offer the best powder ingredients possible.

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Meet the Team

Recently ZoomEssence has expanded its team. With two locations, in New Jersey and Kentucky, it is really the core members of the Zoom team
that have made our recent growth possible.

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ZoomEssence delivers liquid quality flavors and ingredients in a powder form 
as it should taste.