Utilizing our patent pending DriZoom™ technology, ZoomEssence delivers liquid quality flavors & ingredients in a powder form.

ZoomEssence proprietary technology fundamentally changes the drying process, resulting in significanlty improves powder quality and performance. Our DriZoom™ technology captures the highly aromatic and volatile compounds present in flavors and ingredients. We can create customized flavor and ingredient solutions to meet your application needs.

ZoomEssence delivers what consumers demand.
A truer and purer taste experience. As it should taste.

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DriZoom™ Technology

Better Flavor & Ingredients:

More robust flavor profile by capturing highly aromatic & volatile compounds.

Increased Stability

Encapsulation properties resulting in longer shelf-life.

Larger Particle Size

2-3 times larger than the standard spray dried particles.

Improved Solubility

Higher density particles quickly dissolve into liquids.